The Crash: Chapter Twelve

This week in 'The Crash', Jason Jackson-Jones may not be showing signs of weakness, but he's certainly feeling them.  The allegations of a Sheffield journalist make him realise that a crash may be imminent... in every sense of the word!
In the car driving home, Jason kept remembering the conversation with Peter.Funny that, of all the things that had happened over the course of the day, including the triumphant reversal of Jepsons' intention to cancel their contract, and the apparent abdication of his receptionist, it was the brief and entirely predictable conversation with his old adversary that had snagged on the hook of his thoughts and refused to come unstuck.As he sat at the traffic lights watching the queue of people waiting for the Hillsborough tram, he found Peter's words echoing in his mind.
"If you know something, you'd do better to come clean than cover it up."
Well, Peter would say that.He'd like nothing better than to be the deliverer of…

The Crash: Chapter Eleven

In last week's post Jason's receptionist was called away due to a family emergency, leaving Gaby, the new PA, covering her role, while Jason and his Engineering Manager Brad struggled to retain a long-standing customer who'd threatened to leave the firm due to issues with the quality of the car parts Jason had supplied him.  This week, Jason draws the attention of a journalist from the Sheffield Gazette...

Through the doors of the conference room, Gaby could hear the rise and fall of Brad and Jason's voices.As time went on, they got louder and seemingly more heated but, tantalisingly, they still sounded like a muffled drone from which she couldn't isolate distinct words.
Finally, as she tried to get on with typing up some scribbled minutes from the pile that had been lying in Lucy's tray, she saw the door swing open.
Brad emerged first, and mouthed, "Watch out, Jason's on the warpath."
Gaby rolled her eyes.
Jason emerged next, took one look at Gaby si…

The Crash: Chapter Ten

Last week in The Crash the receptionist, Donna, had some bad news.  This week the new Engineering Manager, Brad, gets his first major challenge: winning over Harry Jepson, a longstanding customer who's set to go elsewhere due to problems with the car parts Jason's company has been supplying him.  But winning over the customer is only half the battle...
"Nice lunch.Thanks.Good to meet you."Harry smiled and held out his hand to Brad.
His handshake was firm and he smiled as if the common phrase was more than just a pleasantry.It was easy to see why he'd been such a success in business over the years.
Brad shook hands with Damian too and promised to be in touch about the proposed changes to the pressing process.
Jason hadn't exactly agreed that the changes would be made, but Brad was confident that once Jason saw how the benefits of adjusting the process played out, he'd be happy to authorise what Brad was suggesting.After all, like all business owners, he was in…

The Crash: Chapter Nine

Last week in The Crash, Jason and his new Engineering Manager were put on the spot by a client concerned about the quality and safety of some of their car parts.  This week, the pressure is piled on, and Jason's receptionist gets some bad news too. 

Once again, Gaby was overwhelmed by the noise of the machinery, and Brad's conversation with Harry was lost to its clattering.The noise was almost painful, but by dint of standing very close to Damian and far back from the machines themselves, she was able to engage the young man in conversation while his father and Brad stood near the largest press, engaged in intense discussion, intermittently supported by arm-waving, pointing, and picking up bits of metal to demonstrate a point.
"Have you always wanted to work in metals?" Gaby asked, straining to make her usually gentle voice heard above the ear-wrenching grinding and scraping.
"I've always known I would.It's in the family.Granddad was a metal-worker, Dad fo…

The Crash: Chapter Eight

The story so far... Jason Jackson-Jones, founder and Managing Director of Triple J Auto Parts of Sheffield, has just had to replace his Engineering Manager - the previous one quit after a dispute over quality and safety issues. In this chapter, Jason and his newest recruit, Brad, are put on the spot by one of Jason's oldest clients, Harry.  Can Brad help Jason scramble out of the hole he's dug for himself, or will this be the beginning of the end for the self-made businessman?

It was only when Jason stood to usher Brad to a seat at the board room table, that he noticed he'd been digging his nails into his palms since his stupid mistake with Damian.His fingers ached from clenching, and there were ruts in his palms where his nails had been pressed in.He stretched his fingers and turned to Brad, intending to introduce him to the others, but Brad was already turning to the visitors with a smile.Jason wondered if he'd still be smiling if he knew everything Jason did.Probabl…