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Pure Passion

I've just seen the longlist for the Pure Passion award 2011 (the Romantic Novel of the Year award, to be awarded in March) . It seems a bit early in the year to be awarding the annual prize, but that's the way the publishing industry goes. So far, I've read a grand total of one of the books: 'The Queen of New Beginnings' by Erica James, which I picked up on a recommendation from Angela Wren on 'Book It', and absolutely loved. I'd be tempted to say I'm rooting for that one, except that a number of others on the list were (or are now) on my wish list. Other authors on the list whose books I've enjoyed in the past include Katie Fforde, Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Chadwick and Christina Jones, while yet-to-be-discovered treats include 'Amazir' by Tom Gamble, who seems to be the sole male presence on this year's list. You can see the whole list here: