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Talking about romance at Book-in-a-Week

I'm lucky enough to be a regular blogger at Book-in-a-Week and each month I post about some aspect of writing.  It's February, so it could only be... Writing Romance.  That's right.  I got to share the reason I love writing romance so much, and some of the answers I give to people who think they couldn't do it.  I wonder if any of these reasons have ever crossed your mind?  * I can’t write sex scenes. My Mum/daughter/boss might read them. * I can’t write romance. I’m single / happily married / going through a divorce. * Aren’t romance stories boring and formulaic? If they have, click through to and see what I have to say.    

Book Review: Risking It All

' Risking it All ' is a truly lovely short story with a very convincing wartime atmosphere. A few years ago I went to a World War II battle re-enactment which English Heritage organised at Scarborough Castle (below), and this book gave me very much the same sense of history coming alive.  You can almost smell the aircraft fuel and feel the bombs landing, not to mention hear the jive music playing when Lynne sees Billy for the first time in years, at the airmen's dance.  A lot of intensity is packed into a small space, in a way which I might not have believed if it weren't for the fact that because it's wartime, both hero and heroine know that time may be short for them. The transition which Lynne and Billy make from childhood crush to adult relationship is believable and touching. Suspense comes from the conflict stemming from Billy's concern that Lynne may be responsible for the spate of deaths at the airfield, as well as from the risk Billy runs e

Exquisite Quills Recycled Reviews

I love this idea from Exquisite Quills blog: when a reader has taken the trouble to sit down and record their thoughts about a book they've read, the review shouldn't appear once and be forgotten.  EQ are giving writers the chance to 'recycle' their favourite reviews of their books, and today 'Perfect Partners' is making an appearance as an early celebration of its birthday - yes, on 25 Feb, my dancing novel will be a whole year old! I can hardly believe it - but then, isn't that what everyone says when another birthday comes along? Here's the tagline to the blog: Old reviews aren't old news to new readers. All books are new to someone. Recycled Reviews welcomes your favorite and best reviews no matter how much time has passed. Contact Rose Anderson for openings.   Isn't that a great idea? If you like the idea of seeing a round-up of reviews for all kinds of writers and maybe discovering an author you'd lik

Amazon Sale - UK too! Woo hoo!

So, I just posted about the Crimson Romance sale, which I'd been told only applied to Amazon US.  But apparently the ways of Kindle pricing are mysterious, and against all expectation, the price change has filtered through to the UK too.  So, you can buy my 'Perfect Partners', Nancy's 'In the Shadow of Greed', and a whole host of other titles, for just £1.24 in the UK*.  That's hours of entertainment for less than the price of a coffee! * Prices are subject to change without notice, so pick up a bargain while you can!

For US readers - February sale!

Sometimes, being a UK author published in the US is great. After all, the UK is a comparatively small market, and the US is a huge one, with a more developed ebook market into the bargain. When I get reviews from people across the Atlantic who connect with my characters despite the difference in geography, I love it. When I end up in discussions with an editor about what people stateside call a biscuit tin, that's kind of fun too. But sometimes being published only by US houses can be a double edged sword. For example, when I have to tell my UK friends that my book's on sale... but only in the US... well, that sucks.  So, to all my friends and readers in the UK, I'm sorry.  To anyone reading this stateside, you're in luck. This month there's a sale on almost all Crimson Romance's fabulous ebooks, including my dancing novel ' Perfect Partners ' and lots of other great stories (more of one of them later)... but only through Amazon US.  Still, that'