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RNA Conference 2013

I always love the Romantic Novelists' Association Conference, and this year was no exception.  The setting was Sheffield Uni's lovely halls of residence (yes, this picture really is the grounds of the University, although I think it could easily be taken for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park).  The company was, as always, wonderful, the seminars thought-provoking, the bookshop well-stocked and the goody bag generous.  My second picture is one of the books I bought - Jane Lovering's Hubble Bubble - together with the accompanying 'goody' - a pretty pink bath heart.  I was also lucky enough to receive in my goody bag a free book which was already on my wish list - Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper .    Standout talks for me a few weeks after the event were Julie Cohen's on theme, Catherine Jones' on character, Fiona Harper's on romantic structure, and Janet Gover's very hands-on session on TV and radio interviews.  I was able to put my newl

Writer Wednesday: Andrea Downing

Today I welcome Andrea Downing, whose Western romance, 'Loveland', is a finalist for Best American Historical in the RONE awards, to be announced in August.  Her second book, 'Lawless Love' is free on Amazon from 9th to 13th July.  Congratulations, Andrea, on both your books.  You must be thrilled!  How did you come to start writing Westerns?   I grew up on a diet of television westerns—The Virginian, Bonanza, Alias Smith and Jones, The High Chaparral…I could go on and on.   But they took me to a time and place that somehow seemed more appealing than the suburban New York that surrounded me, and cowboys have always been my heroes.   When my daughter was six we started having holidays in the West on ranches and I became very involved with the whole culture of the West, its history and its landscape.   It was an obvious choice for a setting for my books. ‘Loveland’ features an English heroine and an American setting.   Did you find yourself making use of you

Summer, strawberries, and a sale

So, it finally feels like summer here in Britain, and we have a few things to celebrate.  For one thing, Andy Murray won Wimbledon, giving us a British winner for the first time in 77 years (at least, I'm told that's how long it is - strangely enough, I don't actually remember the last time!).  For another, it's warm enough to enjoy strawberries and cream outside in the garden.  And for a third, it's my publisher's birthday.  Crimson Romance is a year old this month, and have been kind enough to send their authors a lovely little gift of choccies in celebration. Here's a picture of mine - needless to say, the picture is now all that's left of them.  Thanks, Crimson.  They were delicious!  If you're a reader rather than an author, don't worry, there's something for you too.  For the month of July, not only do Crimson have a huge sale on, but they're also giving away a Kindle loaded with their whole year's supply of reading -- s