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Sun, sea and Sine FM

I may possibly have forgotten to mention my latest appearance on local radio - or at least, the appearance of Angela Wren, wonderfully voicing my story, New Horizons, as part of National Short Story Week.  The story is a tie-in to my book from Crimson Romance, 'Perfect Partners', and features Mark and Elaine, dance teachers and mentors to Lisa and Redmond.  Serendipitously, the story also mentions a trip to Australia, and where was I when the story was broadcast?  Why, in the sunny land of Oz!  A big thank you to Sheila North, David North, Jon Kelly and Angela Wren (and anyone else I've forgotten) for making it all happen without my physical presence - ah, the magic of radio!  You can catch New Horizons and the other 4 stories here: But get in quickly, because I don't know how long the link will be valid!   Oh, and in case you need a brief escape from our chilly November, here's a picture of Aust

25 Days of Christmas

And in other news... The Santa Next Door will also be one of the books featured on popular blogsite Snarkology's 25 days of Christmas series.  Check out Melissa's shiny, lovely site over the course of December to be introduced to a whole Christmas cornucopia of seasonal stories! Here she is:

Year End Splash

Just in case I don't get a chance to post tomorrow, I just wanted to let everyone know it's here... The Santa Next Door is a prize on The Romance Reviews Year End Splash tomorrow (27th, from noon to midnight Eastern time - yes, ebooks are a global phenomenon!).  There's just one simple question to answer, and a pdf copy could be winging its way into your inbox.  What's that you say?  You already read it and loved it?  Well, don't tell me, tell Amazon - there's nothing more authors love than finding a happy smiley review on the biggest ebook store of all... But if you haven't already read it, then why not hop on over and see if you can snag a free copy as an early Christmas gift?