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Book Review: The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife

The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife by Mary Malcolm My rating: 5 of 5 stars Considering this book's title is a jumble of cliches, and the story boasted a good number too (millionaire hero, fake marriage, woman who will do anything to help out her suffering family), it's somewhat ridiculous how much I loved reading 'The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife'.  This is one of those stories that breathes new life into old romance tropes. Cassie and Stephen are believable people, with both flaws and lovable features that are just a little larger than life. Cassie is impetuous, bossy and has a slight vicious streak, yet this is balanced by her deep capacity for love and kindness, as well as the natural beauty which Stephen falls unexpectedly in love with. Stephen is in many ways your classic millionaire alpha male - domineering, controlling and possessive - but he has a sweet streak too (generous, funny and good with children). It was easy to accept Stephen and

Coming Soon: The Romance Reviews Year End Splash

I'm looking forward to being part of this event.  Check out The Romance Reviews website in November to find out more about great giveaways, new authors, and online fun and frolics. 

Book Review: Switched

Switched by Amanda Hocking My rating: 4 of 5 stars I was all ready to hate 'Switched' on the grounds that I'd heard so much about it, I was bored before I started reading it. By the end of the first chapter, I'd changed my mind. 'Switched' is a thoroughly modern take on a classic idea that's fascinated me ever since childhood, the idea of changelings - human children taken by fairies, or, in this case, trolls (Trylle). It's easy to identify with Wendy, the child who just doesn't belong. Even though few of us can have been rejected quite so extremely, we've surely all had moments when we were certain we belonged anywhere but here. Hocking plays brilliantly on this familiar feeling to make the extraordinary events of 'Switched' seem not only possible but almost normal. IPads, music collections, dresses and nail polish help to ground the story, as does the location of the Trylle kingdom in a backwater of rural America. Wendy&#

Romance Lives Forever!

Isn't ' Romance Lives Forever ' a great name for a blog?  I'm excited to have 'Perfect Partners' on display at their site today - if you agree that romance really should live forever, why not click on the link and have a look around?