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Sneak Peek Sunday: Desperate Bid (Sarah)

For the next couple of weeks, I've decided to use my 'sneak peeks' to introduce you to some of my favourite characters from my first book, 'Desperate Bid' , and who better to start with than my heroine Sarah and her sister Gillian?  (In case you're wondering, since this appears out of context, the subject of their conversation is the nightmare 'team-building event' which Sarah attended the previous day.           Sarah would sooner have been soaking in a hot bath than sitting in this dingy dive, staring at a wall papered inches thick with posters of unknown rock bands. But she’d promised Gillian ages ago that she’d come to hear this great new band, and she didn’t like to let her down. And for all its grubbiness, Campbell’s had a certain charm, a friendly, lively atmosphere that was hard to resist.          “So you loved it, then. I’m sure.” Gillian matched Sarah’s sarcasm.          “I ache like crazy.” Sarah rolled her shoulders to try and release

Wednesday Writer Interview - Sheila North

This is exciting!  I'm starting a series of occasional (and hopefully, eventually, regular) Wednesday writer interviews - a chance for me and my blog readers to meet some interesting people and hopefully discover some great books that we wouldn't otherwise have found.  The series kicks off today with my friend, author and radio presenter Sheila North.   Welcome, Sheila.  Tell us a bit about your writing.  What have you had published? ‘The Woodcutter’s Son’ is my first published novel, and was published for the e-reader market late last year. Around the same time, my short story ‘Perfect for Her’ was selected for ‘Tales from the Circle’, a short story collection published by as a fund raiser. A poetry pamphlet, ‘An American in South Yorkshire’, was published by Smith Doo rstop in the 1980s. I’ve had poetry published in both the US and UK. I worked for two years as a stringer, reporter, assistant editor and editor for a small weekly newspape

Today I'm visiting at Blurbs in Bloom

You might not guess it from the weather outside, but inside we're full of the joys of Spring, so what better day to combine sweet stories with springtime flowers?  Today 'Perfect Partners' is featuring at Mickie Sherwood's beautiful website ' Blurbs in Bloom '.  It's so pretty, and full of tasty teasers.  Click on the link below for a tiny taste of dancing romance - and while you're there, why not scroll down and see if any of the other snippets takes your fancy?

Sneak Peek Sunday: The Santa Next Door

In view of the weather, it seemed appropriate to post a sneak preview of a wintry scene from my just-revised Christmas holiday romance, with the working title of 'The Santa Next Door'.  Sue and her daughter Trudi are walking past the house of their reclusive neighbour when Trudi spots a pattern drawn in the snow that looks something like a face... Before Sue could warn Trudi that not everyone appreciated company, she'd already poked her head through the bars of the gate and demanded, in a small but carrying voice, “What is it?” The man jumped, making it clear Sue had guessed correctly.  He’d thought himself alone.  He didn't look annoyed, though.  Although his face was expressionless, there was a hint of warmth in his voice as he answered, "It's a snow devil."  "Don't most people make snow angels?"   "I guess.  I didn't feel like getting cold by lying down in the snow.  This is easier, and I always think that snow brin

Review: Desperate Bid

It's always nice when a new book leads readers back to an earlier one, and after reviewing 'Perfect Partners', Katie Thompson was kind enough to offer to take a look at 'Desperate Bid' as well.  Here's her short, but very sweet, review: I'm not sure which is the highlight for me: '“Desperate Bid” contains everything that I think a good romance book needs' or ' Stephanie Cage’s talent has no end. I highly recommend this book.'  These two statements in combination have made my day... and it's only half past nine!   Thanks, Katie! 

Discovery of the Day: WriteSpa

I'm a big fan of spas - peace and quiet, running water, clear air and above all, the gift of time to relax and enjoy life.  I am also, as you might have guessed, a big fan of writing websites, so when I discovered WriteSpa, I came to the immediate conclusion that the site must have been designed especially for me!  Combining practical writing tips with ideas about how to find a creative oasis in even the most hectic day, this book and website should, I think, be part of every busy writer's toolkit.  For a limited time only, you can download Winslow Eliot's practical, lyrical companion to the writing life, 'Writing Through The Year' for free.  Click here for the special free download, or here to find out more about the paperback edition.  If you'd rather cry off writing for a while and visit a real-life spa, or just soak up the atmosphere without leaving your PC, you can click here for a visit in pictures to my all-time favourite, the only naturally heated

5 Heart Review for 'Perfect Partners'

I was so excited to receive another five star (or rather, five heart) review for Perfect Partners!  Harlequin Junkie says, ' Perfect Partners by Stephanie Cage is a fun sweet romance that will hook you from the very first page' and 'If you are a fan of romance and dancing this book is a must read.'  I'm so happy that reviewers are loving Redmond and Lisa's story as much as I do!   

Dancing Inspirations: La Cage aux Folles

It's been an exciting few weeks.  'Perfect Partners' has launched on Amazon and I've had some great reviews.  I loved this one from The Book Lovers, and I very much enjoyed doing an interview with Katie Thompson, who's also kindly reviewed the book here . And apart from launching 'Perfect Partners', I also appear on this month's Book It (a literary show on local community radio) reviewing two books linked only by a Christian name: local author Craig Hallam's fantasy novel, 'Greaveburn', and Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood's autobiography, 'All Balls and Glitter'.  I enjoyed both books, but it's Craig Revel Horwood's I particularly want to mention here, only because it was what finally prodded me into booking tickets for a theatre production I'd been hearing about for some time: local group LS Productions version of 'La Cage aux Folles'.  Despite knowing several cast members, I'd been dragging my heels