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Two treats

I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Dublin - the inspiring home of all kinds of fabulous folklore and literary delights, including the bizarre National Leprechaun Museum and the almost too-informative Writers' Museum . I'm hoping at some point to get to work on a folklore-inspired paranormal in the vein of Helen Scott Taylor 's delightful 'The Magic Knot', but first I'm looking forward to preparing a piece on Literary Dublin for Book It . On my doormat when I got back was a second treat: a copy of 'Romance Matters', complete with pages of photos and conference reports. Thanks again to everyone who made the conference so wonderful, especially as always Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson . Coming back to reality after a holiday can be a bit of a let-down, so it was nice to get back to this reminder of a wonderful weekend. More on Dublin later, but first I must finish unpacking!