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Have you met the Meet-Cutes?

It's all happening this month!  Once again I get to wish a friend happy publication day, and this time it's Katey Lovell's turn, with the fourth of her meet-cute stories with Harper Impulse.  The meet-cutes are an adorable series of short stories detailing those all important first encounters, and this time it's the turn of The Boy under the Mistletoe - perfectly timed for Christmas!  You can order the Boy Under the Mistletoe here  and if you missed the earlier meet cute stories, they are The Boy at the Bakery , The Boy in the Bookshop and The Boy at the Beach .  It's not just 'The Boy at the Bakery' that's sweet as sugar - they're all delicious and a steal at 49p each!

Happy Publication Day to Angela Wren

Congratulations to writer friend Angela Wren, whose debut novel, Messandrierre , is published today by Crooked Cat Press.  It's a mystery, set in the fictional village of Messandrierre, in France, a country Angela knows well and has also written about on her blog James et Moi .  Angela's writing is always fabulously atmospheric and she's a meticulous plotter too, so I'm looking forward to all the twists and turns in this first Jacques Foret mystery.  You can find out more about Angela and her stories on her website