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The Headteacher's Lesson in Love

That's the title of my entry for the Mills and Boon 'New Voices' competition I mentioned below.  Luckily I get to enter even though I'm a published writer, because I don't have a full-length book out.  'Desperate Bid' is a nice easy read of a novella, at 37,000 words slightly shorter even than a typical Mills and Boon.  My entry is not exactly a typical Mills and Boon, but then at their talk at the RNA Conference they invited authors to try overturning some of the typical conventions, and I knew immediately that I wanted to try writing one with a hero who was both junior to, and slightly younger than, the heroine.  I'd love it if you'd hop over to Mills and Boon's New Voices and see if you think I've pulled it off.  You'll need to register there if you want to vote and comment, but if you don't feel like registering you can always pop back here and post your comments below. Thank you!