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Amazing what you find on google

I don't at all remember seeing this review last Christmas, when it actually came out, but reading it certainly felt like opening a Christmas gift.  I was very happy to read how much MJ enjoyed (and recommended) 'The Santa Next Door', and I loved the cute picture which accompanied the review too.  Thanks, MJ, for making me smile, and sorry it's taken me so long to make this discovery!

Busy not writing

Well, it's been a busy month!  I had a fantastic time taking part in the Doncaster Literature Festival, both as a guest and a speaker.  I heard Matt Haig, Stephen Booth and Milly Johnson speak, as well as giving my own talk alongside Kate Walker.  As a result of the festival, I was contacted by Radio Sheffield to talk (with fellow romantic novelist Victoria Howard) about romance, and Doncaster's second year running as Amazon's romance reading capital of the UK.  So, basically, I spent most of the month being busy not writing... but I did manage to redress the balance a little, courtesy of Sheffield Writer's retreat in Crookes, where I got going again on the long-awaited sequel to Perfect Partners... I hope to be able to share some snippets with you soon.