Desperate Bid on the Radio

Exciting news! Desperate Bid has received its first radio review, on Book It - a show on our local station, Sine Fm, presented by my friend and fellow Doncaster writer Sheila North. The review is the first item, so you don't have to listen far to get to it, but I've uploaded the whole show and it's well worth listening on as it also includes a very interesting interview with Joanne Harris (author of Chocolat and Blue-eyed Boy), following a seasonal story by Sheila.

Yes, really. I'm on the same radio show as Joanne Harris. Woo hooooo :-)

Oh, and if you liked the show, why not listen to this week's Book It? Every week features an interview with a guest author, a review, and a piece of original writing, as well as songs chosen by the guests. Enjoy!


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