Halloween is just around the corner... Boo!

Yes, Halloween is nearly here.  The nights are drawing in, there's a nip in the air, the shops are full of pumpkins and black cats and gruesome edibles (gunky eyeball cake, anyone?), and the Wild Rose Press Halloween blog hop is coming up!  Stop by nearer the time to read my thoughts on the dark side of writing light fiction, and for links to lots of lovely Wild Rose Authors writing about the season of spookiness.

I've got some personal plans for the 31st too, so if you're really good and leave me lots of friendly comments, I may risk a photo of my Halloween costume ... Though come to think of it, you may prefer that I didn't.  That probably depends on the costume ...


  1. I love seeing pictures of people in their costumes! You should definitely post some!

  2. I'll be back. And definitely photos. We need photos. : )

  3. Yes, let's see the costume :-)
    Love England! My historical romance, CHERISH THE KNIGHT, is set in the Cotswolds. Gorgeous country overall. Lucky you, Stephanie. Your book looks most interesting...and my TBR list just keeps growing :-)
    Best of luck,

  4. OK people, photos it is!

    The Cotswolds are beautiful - I grew up just south of the Cotswolds and there's some great countryside and pretty villages around there. Can't say I know much of the history, though.


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