The lost art of letter-writing

In February, I'm going to be taking part in a writing challenge with a difference.  I first came across it while reading a lovely post at the Belle, Book and Candle blog over someone else's shoulder. (And why is it that blogs read that way are always so much more interesting?  Is it for the same reason that when I go out to dinner, the tastiest pudding is always on someone else's plate?)
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The challenge is to write - and post - a letter every day for a month.  The official version of the challenge is here if you want to play, but I confess I haven't signed up due to a horror of allowing my postal address to creep into the cybersphere.  I'll be playing privately, but if you're good I might 'post' you some updates here along the way, and if you're playing too, I'd love to hear how it goes - either in the comments below, or by letter if you happen to be a non-cyber acquaintance of mine!

Although I write a great many emails, weeks can go by without my putting pen to paper in the normal way of things, so I'm interested to see what happens when I start slotting good old fashioned handwriting back into my routine.  While it may or may not have an effect on my literary efforts, I certainly hope the challenge will encourage me to give a few friends a nice surprise, not to mention I might also use up some of the vast stack of note-cards I keep accumulating as a result of my passion for stationery.  After all, if you recall, clutter clearing was one of my 2013 non-goals

Right, I'm off shopping for stamps.  See you at the post office!


  1. When I was young,I had loads of penpals from all around the world. Nothing beats a good old fashioned letter in the mailbox! Email, IM and social media just doesn't quite compare to going to your postbox to find a handwritten letter among all the bills!

  2. I used to have penpals too. Nowadays I seem to spend far too much time on the phone instead, but I miss both the excitement of receiving letters, and the fun of choosing fabulous stationery to send them on.


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