Sneak Peek Sunday: Desperate Bid (Alex)

For the next couple of weeks, I've decided to use my 'sneak peeks' to introduce you to some of my favourite characters from my first book, 'Desperate Bid', and after meeting Sarah last week, it's time now to introduce you to struggling musician Alex, who's about to turn his life around by putting it up for sale on an online auction site:

        Alex had shaken his head and frowned to himself. Eyeing up random women, falling for the singer... What was happening to him? 
        It hadn’t even been that long. It must just be the pain in the singer’s voice catching at him and making him think, as he had avoided doing for the last few weeks, of Suzy. She’d have looked good in the singer’s place, smooching around in the low light with the coloured spotlights dancing across her pale skin. Not that she’d have been seen dead in a dive like that. Even when Suzy was roughing it, as she’d always been, a little, with him, she had preferred quirky bohemian cafes and bars that looked like art galleries. Campbell’s was too down to earth, too real. 
        Reluctantly Alex had acknowledged, while sipping the Guinness Suzy would have scolded him for drinking, that they hadn’t been meant for each other. It had always been going to end. The only questions were how and when. 
        Alex wished it hadn’t happened the way it did. And certainly not when his life was already falling apart around his ears. He was still angry about that. Suzy might think she was a lady, but a real lady wouldn’t kick a man when he was down. 
        He bet neither of the two sisters he’d talked with tonight would do a thing like that. In between the chatter, he saw the way they drank in the music, swaying a little as if the music itself was holding them and moving them, and he wanted to be able to make that kind of magic, to hold their attention that way. To run his fingers through Sarah’s dark, shining hair, to sink into her green eyes, and to see her face light up just for him.
        As the band had launched into their third song, a gentle ballad with the drummer and guitarist taking back seats to a haunting violin and voice combination, Alex’s fingers had begun to twitch, setting chords to the tune to create the gentle ripple of backing he felt the song should have. Was it wishful thinking, or had he just remembered what he was really meant to do?

There.  Just six paragraphs, as required in the rules of Sneak Peek Sunday.  Hop along there now if you'd like to read more tasty Sunday teasers.  
If you liked this excerpt, you can read Alex's story in 'Desperate Bid' - and you might also be interested to know that I'm currently working on a sequel!  


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