Book Review: The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife

The Texas Millionaire's Runaway WifeThe Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife by Mary Malcolm
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Considering this book's title is a jumble of cliches, and the story boasted a good number too (millionaire hero, fake marriage, woman who will do anything to help out her suffering family), it's somewhat ridiculous how much I loved reading 'The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife'.  This is one of those stories that breathes new life into old romance tropes. Cassie and Stephen are believable people, with both flaws and lovable features that are just a little larger than life.

Cassie is impetuous, bossy and has a slight vicious streak, yet this is balanced by her deep capacity for love and kindness, as well as the natural beauty which Stephen falls unexpectedly in love with. Stephen is in many ways your classic millionaire alpha male - domineering, controlling and possessive - but he has a sweet streak too (generous, funny and good with children). It was easy to accept Stephen and Cassie's crazy relationship because of the kind of people they both are, yet as time went on I was desperate to see how they would move from frustration and distance to the love they were clearly destined to find.

Mary Malcolm handles a traditional concept with a light, witty touch, creating a thoroughly modern take on the predictable playboy hero.  If you're feeling a little jaded - either with life or with the romance genre - this is a fantastically refreshing read.

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