The rise of the virtual party

So, I have a new hobby.  I find this new pastime perfectly suits both my innately social personality and my inherent laziness.  By attending facebook parties, I can chat to my heart's content with fascinating people all over the world, and I don't need to touch a mascara wand or a pair of straighteners, much less try to work out which of my several dozen party dresses will be new to this particular combination of people, or whether I need to add yet another to the collection.
I know I'm a bit behind the curve here (let's face it, that's not uncommon for me) but I only recently discovered the delights of facebook parties, mostly thanks to Alexia Adams and friends' sterling efforts to publicise Sexy in the City.

I spent a delightful evening paying a virtual visit to my US-based writer friends, sharing stories and pictures of our favourite exotic locations, and discovering several fantastic new books (all part of the 'Sexy in the City' boxed set, which last time I looked was still on offer on at the ridiculously low price of 46p).  And the best bit is that I don't just have a selection of drunken, lopsided selfies to show for my time - I can revisit the whole evening's conversations here any time I like:
As I write, I'm also dipping in and out of Charlie Plunkett's party to celebrate the launch of her inspirational ebook for writers, The Writer's Muse, which you can also find at a bargain price on amazon:  Along the way, I discovered that Charlie is something of a kindred spirit, as she's not only a writer but also a former dancer (a real one, not just a hobbyist like me).
Remember that meme beloved of facebook addicts, 'I love my computer, because my friends are in it'?  That's me, that is!


  1. I recently discovered Facebook parties as well. They are great fun. Although I do miss the dressing up (but aren't we all going to wear saris at our next one?). On the plus side, no blisters from dancing in my 4" stilettoes. So, I guess we'll be seeing you around the FB party circuit, Stephanie. Party on!

  2. Oh, I'd forgotten about the saris! Thank you for reminding me. I shall have to go shopping after all!


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