Six Sentence Sunday: A Taste of Something New

In this week's snippet, a casual conversation over doughnuts (or donuts, for the benefit of the US market), leads Sal to get a taste of a new experience.  She wishes she knew what it felt like to be beautiful (at least, beautiful in a conventional, model-like way, since to Wulf she's already beautiful). And, of course, her own personal genie is happy to oblige.  

They walked and ate in silence as they approached the narrow door alongside the shop entrance.  Sal was surprised to see someone coming out of the building, also licking donut sugar off her fingers, despite being far too skinny and lovely to seem the type to go for junk food. 
And beside her was... the most beautiful man Sal had ever seen.  With familiar violet eyes and dark flowing hair.

She looked down at her fingers.  So did the woman in the doorway.  


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