OUT NOW: Djinn and Tonic

 Publication day nerves never quite disappear.  I imagine it's a bit like sending your child off to school for the first day.  How will they fare out in the world?  Will the teachers be kind?  Will the kids want to play with them?
Writers want our book babies to be loved, and so we worry.  Will anyone read the book?  Will anyone like it?  Is there some terrible mistake that both I and my editor have somehow overlooked?  (And I don't mean the slight liberties I may have taken with the geography of Whitby for artistic effect, or the major liberties I take with the laws of space-time for the sake of the pararnormal aspect of the story.  I mean something huge and unanticipated of which I was utterly unaware).
I'm not sure how I'd have the nerve to send the book out into the world at all, if it weren't for the support of so many lovely people who've read and improved various versions of the story.  So a big thank you to the ladies from the Leicester and Yorkshire Terriers chapters of the Romantic Novelists' Association for their input, and of course to my wonderful editor and cover designer at The Wild Rose Press.  And now, before this turns into an Oscar acceptance speech and the tears start, I'll sign off and leave you to enjoy the story...

Here is is on amazon
and on barnes and noble

And, if you didn't catch it yesterday, here I am chatting with Nancy C Weeks on her blog about the inspirations for Djinn and Tonic (and, for good measure, writing a love story in 8 words).



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