Two treats

I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Dublin - the inspiring home of all kinds of fabulous folklore and literary delights, including the bizarre National Leprechaun Museum and the almost too-informative Writers' Museum. I'm hoping at some point to get to work on a folklore-inspired paranormal in the vein of Helen Scott Taylor's delightful 'The Magic Knot', but first I'm looking forward to preparing a piece on Literary Dublin for Book It.

On my doormat when I got back was a second treat: a copy of 'Romance Matters', complete with pages of photos and conference reports. Thanks again to everyone who made the conference so wonderful, especially as always Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson. Coming back to reality after a holiday can be a bit of a let-down, so it was nice to get back to this reminder of a wonderful weekend.

More on Dublin later, but first I must finish unpacking!


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