Discovery of the Day: EThOS

As an academic manqué, I naturally fell in love with this site as soon as I discovered it...

The bizarre capitalisation of EThOS reflects the name's status as a slightly cheating acronym - it stands for Electronic Theses Online Service.  Five letters, four words, and a wealth of content.  Here you can download theses on everything from time in medieval (did I spell that right?) dream poetry to contemporary theories of creativity.  Probably a host of other things too, but these are the ones that caught my eye!

You have to register with the British Library to use the site, but it's a ridiculously easy process, and then a whole world of academic delights are at your fingertips.  It's almost as wonderful as an afternoon in the Bodleian.  But without the scary librarians, and stressed students whispering 'Shhh' if you so much as shuffle your feet.  So, maybe, better than an afternoon in the Bodleian.


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