Tomorrow is Wednesday

So... my second round of edits for 'The Santa Next Door' has gone, and I'm waiting for the MS to come back marked up with round 3...  Which means I have a day or two's breathing space, and time to talk to talented Wild Rose Press author Sarah Grimm in tomorrow's Writer Wednesday interview.  Don't forget to drop by tomorrow and see what she has to say about writing, rule-breaking, and early rising...

By the way, I'm now booking Wednesday interviews for the rest of June and July, so if you're a published author and feeling chatty, please get in touch via my comments page, or facebook or twitter. Don't forget to include an email address so I can send you questions (and preferably a link to your blog, website or books on Amazon, so I have some idea what to ask!).

Just in case you've missed them, this is my facebook writer page:

And this is my twitter profile:

See you there! 


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