Am Editing

I've never quite got to grips with twitter hashtags, but there are two I follow regularly: #amwriting and #amreading.  The third of the literary set, which I'm now finding more reason to pay attention to, is #amediting, which is used to post updates and tips on the editing process.

The reason I'm paying attention to this tag (and the reason you may find my blog unnaturally quiet for the next week or two) is that I'm deeply embroiled in round two of edits for 'The Santa Next Door.'  If I get the time, I'll update my progress on twitter... using, of course, the hashtag #amediting! 


  1. No, no, we quite understand. Editing is grim enough, without having to write posts about doing it, which then also have to be edited, and one can disappear up one's own hashtag...


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