7 Reasons Frozen Melts Hearts

I wasn’t enthralled by the trailers for Frozen, which mostly seemed to feature an infuriatingly stupid snowman with an irritating voice (if you’re one of the rare people who has missed both film and trailers, think the hyper-enthusiastic donkey in Shrek, minus the accent, and you’ll be on the right track). I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the film if it hadn’t been for two things: a free cinema ticket and a glowing recommendation from a colleague. So I dragged myself off to the cinema, not expecting too much of yet another Disney princess film. And… I loved it!

So what is it about the story that so enthralls? There are probably dozens of things, but here are the ones that spring to mind.
1. A familiar story 
I don’t remember all the details of Hans Christian Anderson’s children’s classic, ‘The Snow Queen’, but I know the essential elements are here: a world turned to winter and ruled over by an icy beauty, a spell which freezes hearts, and two people saved by the redeeming power of love.
2. A new twist 
If you do remember the details of ‘The Snow Queen’, you still won’t be bored by this loose adaptation, which spins off in a different direction from the original by giving the snow queen a younger sister, whose task it is to free her from the bizarre enchantment so that summer can return to the kingdom.
3. Great characters
The two sisters are brilliantly believable, separated by destiny and enchantment despite living in the same castle. It’s totally understandable why Elsa pushes her younger sister away. We feel Anna’s pain and see how her rejection makes her susceptible to the first smooth-talking younger-son prince to come her way. There’s an honest ice-salesman, a very wise reindeer, a smattering of trolls, and yes, even the infuriating snowman works as a light-hearted counterpoint to the high drama of the main story.
4. Emotion
I laughed. I cried. Disney have the balance of emotion spot on. I fell in love along with Anna at the ball, experienced her sense of betrayal, and rooted for her second, more cautious, attempts at trust.
5. Songs 
From the light, funny first love song, ‘Love is an Open Door’ to the power ballad, ‘Let it Go’, and the deliciously witty snowman song, ‘In Summer’, Frozen has it all. One of my first thoughts on leaving the cinema was that I’d have to go and buy the soundtrack.
6. Style
Frozen is a truly beautiful creation, and there’s something there for everyone. From dazzling dresses and shining ice architecture for the little girl in all of us, to the cheeky snowman and smelly reindeer for the boys, every piece is meticulously crafted. This video shows just how much effort goes into even the smallest detail.
7. A Message
I hesitate to say that this is a tale with a moral because it certainly doesn’t ram a single neat motto down your throat, but nevertheless, it’s a film with a lot to communicate. Frozen is a story about finding your uniqueness and strength, about learning when to trust and when not to, and most of all about the power of ‘an act of true love.’
No wonder my romantic heart was well and truly melted!


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