Book Review: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover : The AutobiographyNever Judge A Book By Its Cover : The Autobiography by Lisa Riley
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Since I'm a fairly obsessive Strictly fan, this book was an obvious choice for my Christmas wish list. I picked it up on Boxing Day and finished it the next day, partly because it's a really easy read and partly because Lisa's story is just so engrossing. Never having been a soap fan, I knew nothing about Lisa Riley before Strictly, but I loved watching her in the series and again on tour and in Strictly Confidential.
I'm often bored by the 'early lives of celebrities' but Lisa's passion for the stage comes through from page one and kept me hooked as I read about how performing in her Gran's living room gave way to stage school and then the small screen. Lisa is honest about the highs and lows of being an unlikely celebrity. From her Mum's battle with cancer to the glory days of Strictly's sequined madness, her story is both touching and hilarious, and it was a toss up whether I shed more tears of laughter or sadness.
She's also not shy about drawing lessons from her experience: talent isn't enough without hard work; be proud of who you really are; always count your blessings. If you want a dose of the inspiration that kept viewers voting Lisa through the rounds of Strictly, this book is well worth a read.

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