News: Sports Anthology

If I'd had to place bets on the likelihood of anything I ever wrote appearing in a book on sports, I'd have placed it up there with the likelihood of me landing on the moon.  I don't do sports.  My husband is mad about football and tennis, but my involvement is generally limited to sitting in the same room as the football on TV, with headphones in, reading or writing.

However, despite the total lack of hand-eye coordination which prevents me from getting involved in ball or racquet sports, I do love to ice-skate, swim and dance.  And it's that last interest which led to my inclusion in Crimson Romance's forthcoming sports anthology: 'Perfect Game'.  

I don't do competitive ball games, but I do love competitive dance - I danced for my university teams while studying for my BA and Masters, and although I no longer compete, I still love to dance whenever the opportunity arises.  Some years ago, fuelled by my obsession with 'Strictly Come Dancing' (the UK's equivalent of 'Dancing with the Stars'), I imagined a TV show where dancesport met dating, and the result was my story of romance in the competitive dance world: Perfect Partners. I'm thrilled that it's earned a place in the anthology alongside other more conventional sports such as hockey and Formula One (and that incredible only-in-America sport, rodeo!)    

Perfect Game releases October 26th - until then, these books are available for sale as individual titles and you can read them for free on Kindle Unlimited. 


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