Trying Something New: A Thunderclap

For the launch of Modern Magic, my fellow Crimson Romance authors and I are trying something new to us: a Thunderclap campaign.  I've supported a few of these recently, including a very successful one for Jane Holland's fantastic thriller, Girl Number One. (You can read about her Thunderclap campaign on her blog here).

All it means is you agree to allow the app to post a one-off message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on a specified date about the book, and as the campaign only runs if at least 100 people support it, the internet becomes a 'perfect storm' of book news for a few minutes - hence the term 'Thunderclap'.  Although the initial posts only last for a few minutes, it can have a lasting effect on how many people are aware of the book.

Our Thunderclap for Modern Magic is here and we would love you to click through and support it!

If you want to know more about how you could use Thunderclap to promote your book or cause, their FAQs are here.


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