2013 goals?

So, we're a week into January and pretty much every mailing list, group and magazine I subscribe to has asked me about my goals for 2013.  Up to now I've largely avoided the question, partly because I was still pondering the answer, and partly because I tend to resist sharing goals/resolutions in January in case anyone tries to hold me to them later in the year!

Photo: How many of these do you think I actually read in January?I can just about cope with concentrating on a goal for one month at a time - NaNoWriMo, for example - but any longer seems to be a struggle.  So, this time, instead of setting goals for the whole year which I'll probably have forgotten by March, I've decided to focus on some areas of my life, like writing, fitness, work and clutter-clearing, and setting smaller goals that I might have a chance of reaching before they've totally faded from my mind!

So far, in the name of my January 'goals', I have collected together a to-read pile which was previously scattered all over the house (you can see part of it here), been to two classes at the gym (Zumba, which I absolutely love doing, and body balance, which I don't particularly enjoy doing but makes me feel really good afterwards), and of course sent off the edits of 'Perfect Partners'.  And talking of 'Perfect Partners', I'm so excited that I've just seen a mock-up of the cover and in my opinion it's the perfect partner to the book - I can't wait for it to come out from under wraps so I can share it!  Soon...  Until then, I'll just have to get back to the goals...


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