Discovery of the Day: WriteSpa

I'm a big fan of spas - peace and quiet, running water, clear air and above all, the gift of time to relax and enjoy life.  I am also, as you might have guessed, a big fan of writing websites, so when I discovered WriteSpa, I came to the immediate conclusion that the site must have been designed especially for me!  Combining practical writing tips with ideas about how to find a creative oasis in even the most hectic day, this book and website should, I think, be part of every busy writer's toolkit. 

For a limited time only, you can download Winslow Eliot's practical, lyrical companion to the writing life, 'Writing Through The Year' for free.  Click here for the special free download, or here to find out more about the paperback edition. 

If you'd rather cry off writing for a while and visit a real-life spa, or just soak up the atmosphere without leaving your PC, you can click here for a visit in pictures to my all-time favourite, the only naturally heated spa pool still open to the public in Britain.  It's located in the gorgeous Roman city of Bath, and combines the best of ancient and modern, with amenities like scented steam rooms, bubble jets and a Lazy River, topped off by a rooftop pool granting an impressive view of the city's Georgian beauty.  If I sound like an overenthusiastic brochure copywriter here, I should point out that I'm not paid by the tourist board.  I just love Bath.  And spas...

Including one rather more ordinary spa closer to home: if you're anywhere in the Doncaster area, I thoroughly recommend Elements medispa.  It's a great place to relax, but you probably won't get any writing done while you're being massaged, mud-wrapped and steamed to within an inch of your life.   So if you want a boost with your latest project, I recommend, instead, Winslow Eliot's WriteSpa... oh, wait, I said that already!  But seriously, this is a gem of a little book, a lot cheaper than a day at a spa and it'll probably change your life for longer too.  


  1. yeh it is a great place elements, but if u are not close to doncaster than is also great for botox

    1. Hi Jacqueline

      I must say, I can't really see me going for botox - I use the spa for massages and chill-out time rather than beauty treatments - but I suppose one should never say never!


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