Sneak Peek Sunday: The Santa Next Door

In view of the weather, it seemed appropriate to post a sneak preview of a wintry scene from my just-revised Christmas holiday romance, with the working title of 'The Santa Next Door'.  Sue and her daughter Trudi are walking past the house of their reclusive neighbour when Trudi spots a pattern drawn in the snow that looks something like a face...

Before Sue could warn Trudi that not everyone appreciated company, she'd already poked her head through the bars of the gate and demanded, in a small but carrying voice, “What is it?”
The man jumped, making it clear Sue had guessed correctly.  He’d thought himself alone. 
He didn't look annoyed, though.  Although his face was expressionless, there was a hint of warmth in his voice as he answered, "It's a snow devil." 
"Don't most people make snow angels?"  
"I guess.  I didn't feel like getting cold by lying down in the snow.  This is easier, and I always think that snow brings out the devil in most of us, not the angel."
Suiting his action to his words, he bent down and caught up a handful of snow.  Before Sue could protest, he had fashioned it into a rough ball, and thrown it at the gate so that it exploded into a million shining scraps just inches from Trudi's nose.  

There.  Just six paragraphs, as required in the rules of Sneak Peek Sunday.  Hop along there now if you'd like to read more Sunday sneaks.  

If you liked this excerpt, sadly, you’ll have to wait until nearer Christmas for the whole story.  In the meantime, you could take a look at ‘Perfect Partners’ or ‘Desperate Bid’, or try some of the books I recommended in my 12 days of Kindle’ series. 


  1. Fantastic peek... Love the snow devil!

  2. Thanks Sara! I actually drew a snow devil once - wish I'd taken a photo for the blog!


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