Book Review: Finding Justice

Finding JusticeFinding Justice by Rachel Brimble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Rachel Brimble's writing, and I quickly fell in love with the setting and characters in Finding Justice too. Cat Forrester is a strong woman with major trust issues - not surprising considering the mess that her family life has turned into since her father's death as a result of a drink-driving incident and her mother's descent into alcoholism. Jay Garrett is an attractive, successful businessman and an old friend of Cat's who also just happens to be a recovering drug addict and a suspect in the murder of their mutual friend, Sarah. The investigation takes Cat back to Templeton Cove and reminds her of what Jay once was to her, but there are huge challenges that both of them must overcome if they are to build any kind of future.
Both Cat and Jay's feelings for each other, and their doubts about their future, came across strongly, and the twists and turns of the investigation kept me guessing to the end. Finding Justice is a powerful and suspenseful story which narrowly missed out on a 5-star rating only because I felt that sometimes the issues overshadowed the plot.

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