Book Review: A Man Like Him

A Man Like HimA Man Like Him by Rachel Brimble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'A Man Like Him' is an exciting read, balancing plenty of drama with a truly lovely romance storyline. I fell in love with Templeton Cove in 'Finding Justice' and in 'A Man Like Him' we get to learn more about the people in this charming seaside village, and to see what happens to Cat and Jay after the end of their story.

Chris, Cat's brother, is a perfectly believable character and a perfect hero: strong and powerful yet damaged by his broken relationship, and not yet living up to his full potential. Angela, the manager of Templeton Cove's holiday park, is so clearly the person who brings out the best in him, but their relationship is convincingly threatened by her stalker ex-husband. Everything about this story was believable and exciting (with the possible exception of how easy it was for Angela to keep a gun, and how unfussed the police seemed to be by the fact that she was prepared to defend herself with it... come on guys, this is Britain!). Anyway, that tiny detail aside, I loved everything about 'A Man Like Him': the seaside setting, the small-town people and the larger than life drama.

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