Book Review: Recipe for Love

Recipe for LoveRecipe for Love by Katie Fforde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This may possibly be my favourite Katie Fforde book to date. I loved the down-to-earth heroine, Zoe, and the humour that comes from the way her ordinary outlook clashes with the media frenzy surrounding the TV cooking competition she enters. With celebrities a-plenty (including the delicious hero, food writer Gideon Irving, who as judge on the show, should be thoroughly out of bounds, providing some vastly entertaining bedroom farce moments) and Zoe's love-to-hate roommate Cher, many aspects of the book are larger than life, but Katie Fforde's careful research ensures the story never strays too far from the bounds of believability.

If anyone ever invents a 'best supporting character' Oscar for romance novels, I'll be nominating the very charming, very pregnant, Fen, whose relationship with her husband Rupert and their terrible in-laws, as well as her developing friendship with Zoe, round out the story beautifully.

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