Book Review: What Belongs to Her

What Belongs to HerWhat Belongs to Her by Rachel Brimble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

     I thoroughly enjoyed returning to Templeton Cove for the story of Sasha Todd, manager of the fairground once owned by her family. This clearly isn't an easy situation for her, and it only gets worse when John Jordon, estranged son of the current owner, appears to take up the reins. It's obvious from the start that there is chemistry between Sasha and John, and equally obvious that neither of them will easily accept their attraction to the other.
     Rachel Brimble excels at depicting the dance of a developing relationship, with all the cautious steps forward and scurries backward, and in Sasha and John she's created two people with a great many reasons to dance around each other, including Sasha's painful past and John's father's dubious business practices.
     'What Belongs to Her' is an apt title in so many ways. Sasha's initial belief is that the fairground should belong to her, despite the legal obstacles in the way, because she loves it. But when she starts falling for John, she has to question whether love and ownership are, or should be, linked, and whether her past is hers alone, or whether she'll have to share it in order to move forward.
     Harlequin's superromances allow much more space, for a good cast of characters and a real depth to the hero and heroine, than the shorter category romances, and 'What Belongs to Her' makes good use of the space to develop an absorbing story set in an appealing location which I always look forward to visiting.

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