Six Sentence Sunday: When Sally Met Wulf

I've been looking through some stories I wrote a while ago and I found this. Originally titled 'What You Wish For', then changed to 'Djinn and Tonic', it's my first attempt at a paranormal, and I'm thoroughly enjoying rewriting it based on the feedback given to me by a few kind friends at the time, so I may bring you a few tasters from the story over the next few weeks. Today, here's the moment when the heroine Sally, a goth fashion photographer, meets the hero, Wulf, a model who also happens to be a djinn, or genie, and therefore able to grant her wishes. Not that she knows that... yet.

Sal had always been a sucker for goths, and she saw a lot of them around town as well as in the course of her work, but this model was something else. Lean legs encased in smooth black gleamed under the lights, and the tight trousers gave her a good idea what else there was worth drooling over. 

“You don’t fall for models,” she scolded herself mentally.

The midnight eyes turned in her direction and she felt a warm glow spreading across her cheeks.

“I am Wolf Ryder, and I am never walking away from a challenge.” His voice was accented, but clear and beautiful. He strolled towards Sal and offered her his hand.

Great.  A weird, gorgeous foreign guy who could read minds. That was all she needed.


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