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Crimson Romance have really made my New Year's Day!  I've just spotted that the collection of sports romances, 'Perfect Game', featuring my dancing story 'Perfect Partners', is one of this week's top sellers on the Crimson website.  But if sports aren't your thing (and I wouldn't blame you - apart from dancing and skating, they're not really mine), you might prefer this new collection, also featuring 'Perfect Partners'.  

Lovers of stage and screen have a treat in store with 'Spotlight on Love'.  Crimson have collected seven love stories starring some of their hottest heroes and most heartfelt heroines, and I'm so excited to see my couple feature alongside some of Crimson's biggest names.  I've already read quite a few of these books, but if any of them are new to you, the whole e-book collection comes at a bargain price so it's well worth a look.  Here are the seven stories, plus my thoughts on them.

Forgiving Jackson: Country music superstar Jackson Beauford has returned home to Tennessee after a tragic concert fire to lick his wounds at his family estate, where Emory Lowell is trying to erase her own painful memories by running an event-planning business. As a passionate attraction flares between these two wounded souls, can they save more than just Beauford Bend?
I haven't read Forgiving Jackson, but I loved another of Alicia Hunter Pace's Beauford Bend novels: Nickolai's Noel, the story of what happens when gentle craft shop owner Noel meets her hero, star ice hockey player Nickolai Glazov.  Alicia Hunter Pace writes my favourite kind of small town romance with big personalities, so I look forward to seeing what she does with the country music world - it's a setting I find fascinating - our music collection features three series' worth of Nashville soundtracks! 

Hiding from Hollywood: Waitress Abby Richards is terrified when movie producer Ethan Walker walks into her diner. The last thing she wants is her name connected with his; her life is now about hiding from the tabloids. But when she's left without a safe place to stay, Ethan offers her sanctuary in his home, and Abby must decide whether she can finally stop running and trust Ethan with her secret.
I've read, and loved, this suspenseful drama about a talented actress who goes into hiding, filled with shame and guilt, after making one foolish move.  There she would stay, happily waitressing, if it weren't for a superstar movie producer who's convinced she is the only actress to fill his leading role.  Sparks fly as two people who are used to getting their own way find themselves at odds, only to discover that underneath, they may both be looking for the same thing after all.  A great read.  

New York Minute: When rock star Diego Diaz flashes his bedroom eyes at shy accountant Veronica Bass during a wedding reception, she invents a cover story and leads him to the nearest hotel room. Diego's secrets are the kind that blow up any lasting relationship. Is their love destined to last for only a New York minute?
I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for a rock star story.  There's just something about the bad boys of the music world - their power, charisma and style - that makes them into utterly irrresistible heroes. Diego Diaz is one of the best, and clearly he's looking for more than a boring accountant.  So Veronica does what any sensible woman would do when faced with the opportunity for a one-night-stand with a superstar: she lies.  But when he proves to be smitten and seeking more than one night, will he learn the truth about her?  And what will happen when she finds out he has a secret of his own?  You'll just have to read this sizzling story to find out! 

Five of Hearts: As lead singer for the boy band Five of Hearts, Dean learned that women only want him for his money and fame. So he has a good reason for hiding his alter ego from his neighbor, Shannon, and everyone else in Scallop Shores. But the closer he gets to Shannon and her children, the more he realizes he may have made a big mistake.
I may have mentioned previously how much I love Jennifer DeCuir's Scallop Shores series.  I was privileged to be included in the Modern Magic anthology alongside this talented author, and now our books meet again, as another sexy superstar hits small town America.  Jennifer does a great job of bringing the phenomenon that is boy band Five of Hearts to life, while also making it clear exactly why Dean is ready to leave it all behind, even before he meets the woman who may rock his future the way the music rocked his past.  But too many secrets can really get in the way of a happy ending, and sooner or later the truth will out.  An irresistibly sweet, funny, and touching story.  

Perfect Partners: London's latest hit dance competition television show throws Lisa Darby and Redmond Carrington into each other's arms. The problem? These former flames aren't looking for a repeat performance. Can they stay in step with their goals and ahead of their past?
Yeah, this one's mine!  So what can I say?  I loved writing this story of a girl who gets a second chance with her first dancing partner, and first love, when they're offered the opportunity to compete on a TV show which pits real-life couples against each other in a dancing duel.  Lisa hates to lie, and it'll be painful, given their history, but the prize money could save her beloved studio, so what choice does she have?  Only Redmond knows that he made a mistake leaving all those years ago, and he's back to put it right.  Lisa wouldn't believe him if he told her, so he's got his work cut out to prove himself to her.  I'm thrilled that Lisa and Redmond will get a chance to show off their romantic rumbas and tense tangos to a whole new audience in this collection.  

California Thyme: Mandy Parker has sworn to avoid the Hollywood scene that sucked in her mother, until she takes a gig to cater to a movie set. She soon finds herself helping sexy locations manager James Lubbock discover who is sabotaging his career and losing her heart in the process.
I haven't read this one, so I'm looking forward to discovering another glamorous love story.  The film world is always fun, and with all those theatrical types, it's rife with tension and drama, so this should make for an action-packed love story. 

Confection Connection: Baker Carly Piper's only way to save her bakery is to partner with her rival on a TV reality show to produce a wedding cake for a wealthy bride. Is this a half-baked proposal, or will love be the icing on the cake?
Another one that I've yet to discover, but since I've loved the combination of TV drama and romance in Heather Thurmeier's reality TV series, I have high hopes for how much I'll enjoy this sparkling confection from fellow Crimson Romance author Casey Dawes.  

Spotlight on Love is due out on 4th January but you can already preorder on here and here.  The collection is also available on Barnes and Noble and other good e-book retailers.


  1. What a great way to start the year, huh? I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this collection. Best of luck to you and everyone else on this "team". :D Thank you so much for your kind words about Scallop Shores. It feels like a second home to me.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer and Angela. Jennifer, I love the depth you've given Scallop Shores. It feels like such a welcoming place - I've always said that if I could live in any book setting it would be Rachel Brimble's Templeton Cove, but Scallop Shores is just as lovely - I'd be further from my family and friends in the UK though. Maybe I could come and visit on holiday!


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