Read an E-Book Week

Did you know it's 'Read an E-Book Week' this week? I love e-books, although I don't think they'll ever replace print books. I love to hold real pages in my hands, but my luggage allowance doesn't love carrying a holiday's worth of reading, so I think it's fantastic that I can load dozens of books onto my mini laptop, which I'd be taking with me anyway. It's also a great way to try out new authors as e-books (at least from most specialist digital publishers) are much cheaper than print books. With Sony readers and Kindle readers and the free software 'Kindle for PC', it's easier than ever to read books electronically, and in honour of 'Read an E-book Week', I'm making two mini story collections available as e-books through Smashwords. They'll be around for some time to come, but if you buy them this week, you can enter the code 'RAE50' and get them at a 50% discount.

Click on the links below to view them, and don't forget to enter your code to get each collection for the bargain price of 99 cents (for UK readers, that's around 62 pence).

Tomorrow's News and Other Stories of the Future

'Tomorrow's News and Other Stories of the Future' is a collection of three short stories imagining ways that life might be different in a future Earth - or even another planet.

Love Now and Then

'Love Now and Then' is a collection of four short stories looking at love in the present and past.


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