Read an E-Book Week - My Favourite E-books

Now that, thanks to the ubiquity of the Kindle, e-books are finally coming into their own here in the UK, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourites.  I'll admit that this is a rather biased list, since it is chosen only from those books which I happen to have read in electronic form, but still... here, in no particular order, are my favourite five e-books.  If you're thinking about taking the plunge into reading e-books by contemporary authors, or you're just looking for something new to read, any of these is a great place to start. 

Slightly Foxed, by Jane Lovering
A deliciously light, funny read, which I loved even more than her first, 'Reversing over Liberace', because this one happens to involve a heroine who loves books, works in a bookshop, and falls in love with dead poets.

Fire and Shadow, by Imogen Howson
I ummed and aaahed for some time over which of Imogen Howson's books to include, because I love them all, but ultimately the winner was Fire and Shadow, a very touching young adult story about two young people growing up with dangerous talents.  Her 'Volcano' series from Samhain is also wonderful.

The Spell of Rosette, by Kim Falconer
Another magical fantasy, this time overlapping into science fiction, featuring an orphaned girl with a talent for magic and a world-hopping sentient quantum computer.  A short summary doesn't do this book justice - it's truly beautiful.

I, Spy, by Kate Johnson
Stansted Airport's female answer to James Bond, Sophie Green is feisty, funny and forever slightly out of her depth in espionage adventures.  The Sophie Green series is a much underrated delight - like a good box of chocolates, it's hard to stop at one!

The Arrival of Lily Curtis, by Rachel Brimble
This is the book that famously made me cry on a train home from Scotland.  Elizabeth's parents have it all planned out for her - the rich, boring husband and society life - but she's determined to find her own way in life.  Disguised as a housemaid, she goes looking for adventure, and gets more than she bargains for.


  1. That's a great sounding list - thanks for the heads-up. I've read most of these authors but not all of these titles. My Kindle is at the ready!

  2. I hope you enjoy them! Have you a favourite by any of these authors? I've read most of their books but not all - Rachel Brimble's 'Transatlantic Loving' is next on my to-e-read list.


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