Read an E-Book Week - Free Books

My lovely publishers, The Wild Rose Press, have some great giveaways for Read an E-Book Week.  I've just downloaded half a dozen to add to my electronic to-read pile.  If your computer/e-reader isn't already groaning under the weight of your wish list, you can access eight fabulous free e-books at:

Unfortunately, my book 'Desperate Bid' isn't among the freebies, but it is only $4.25 at full price.  And if that's too much of a stretch, there's 50% off my two short story collections at Smashwords (full details are in my earlier post) making them just $0.99 each.

So there's an e-book for everyone, whatever your budget.  Happy reading!

And thanks to everyone who's shared their experiences of e-books with me this week in honour of Read an E-Book Week.  If you haven't done so yet, feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear your experiences, especially as after years of happily reading books on my mini-laptop, I'm finally thinking of taking the plunge into e-reader-land.  What should I buy?  Let's have your recommendations!


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