Book Review: Risking It All

Product Details'Risking it All' is a truly lovely short story with a very convincing wartime atmosphere. A few years ago I went to a World War II battle re-enactment which English Heritage organised at Scarborough Castle (below), and this book gave me very much the same sense of history coming alive.  You can almost smell the aircraft fuel and feel the bombs landing, not to mention hear the jive music playing when Lynne sees Billy for the first time in years, at the airmen's dance. 

A lot of intensity is packed into a small space, in a way which I might not have believed if it weren't for the fact that because it's wartime, both hero and heroine know that time may be short for them. The transition which Lynne and Billy make from childhood crush to adult relationship is believable and touching. Suspense comes from the conflict stemming from Billy's concern that Lynne may be responsible for the spate of deaths at the airfield, as well as from the risk Billy runs each time his plane takes off.

My only criticism is that the brevity of the story means that the uncovering of the reason behind the deaths is slightly skated over, but that's a tiny flaw in an otherwise beautiful romance.  The story ends realistically rather than perfectly and is all the more satisfying for that.

'Risking It All' is free on Kindle from 18-22 February, but Lucy was kind enough to give me an advance copy so I could schedule this review ahead of time.

Why are you still here?  Click on one of the links above and go and download Lucy's book while it's free.  If you like a good romance - and who doesn't? - you'll love this. 


  1. Sounds like a great book. I'm off to Amazon to get a copy.


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