For US readers - February sale!

Sometimes, being a UK author published in the US is great. After all, the UK is a comparatively small market, and the US is a huge one, with a more developed ebook market into the bargain. When I get reviews from people across the Atlantic who connect with my characters despite the difference in geography, I love it. When I end up in discussions with an editor about what people stateside call a biscuit tin, that's kind of fun too. But sometimes being published only by US houses can be a double edged sword. For example, when I have to tell my UK friends that my book's on sale... but only in the US... well, that sucks.  So, to all my friends and readers in the UK, I'm sorry.  To anyone reading this stateside, you're in luck. This month there's a sale on almost all Crimson Romance's fabulous ebooks, including my dancing novel 'Perfect Partners' and lots of other great stories (more of one of them later)... but only through Amazon US. 

Still, that's good news for American readers, and if one of my romantic reads was going to be on sale on Amazon for Valentine's Day, I'm glad it's this one. People often ask which of my books is my favourite, which is a really hard question to answer. At one level I agree with Jane Lovering's comment that it's like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite - how can I possibly help but love them all? At another level, my favourite is always the latest (just now, 'The Santa Next Door') because I believe I'm always improving as a writer. But somewhere underneath that, I think most authors have a book that's closest to their heart, and mine, at least at this stage in my writing life, is 'Perfect Partners.' I love the glamour of the ballroom dancing setting, the chemistry between Lisa and Redmond, and the fact that it's the first of my books to make it into paperback, and with a truly stunning cover too.

Of course, if you've already read 'Perfect Partners' - or if dancing stories really aren't your thing - there are plenty of other wonderful books in the sale. Just type 'Crimson Romance' into Amazon and see what pops up. Or, if you're after a recommendation, my pick of the day is Nancy C Weeks' 'In the Shadow of Greed', a romantic suspense story which intriguingly blends a strong scientific side with a quirky hint of the paranormal. Dr Sarah Tu is a brilliant, believable heroine who lives entirely in her head and believes nothing she can't measure, and the hero, Jason, is equally tough and rational... until he starts hearing voices in his head, and discovers he's formed a psychic link with Sarah's injured sister Hannah. There's plenty of excitement, lots of twists and turns, and a good dose of chemistry (in both senses). I love reading this kind of romantic suspense, and I hope one day to write something with as many thrills. For now, I'll just have to stick to the thrill of seeing my book in the February sales... but only on Amazon US! 


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