Exquisite Quills Recycled Reviews

I love this idea from Exquisite Quills blog: when a reader has taken the trouble to sit down and record their thoughts about a book they've read, the review shouldn't appear once and be forgotten.  EQ are giving writers the chance to 'recycle' their favourite reviews of their books, and today 'Perfect Partners' is making an appearance as an early celebration of its birthday - yes, on 25 Feb, my dancing novel will be a whole year old! I can hardly believe it - but then, isn't that what everyone says when another birthday comes along?

Here's the tagline to the blog:

Old reviews aren't old news to new readers. All books are new to someone. Recycled Reviews welcomes your favorite and best reviews no matter how much time has passed. Contact Rose Anderson for openings. ExquisiteQuills@hotmail.com 

Isn't that a great idea? If you like the idea of seeing a round-up of reviews for all kinds of writers and maybe discovering an author you'd like to read, here's the link:

Exquisite Quills Recycled Reviews


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