Book Review: New York Minute

New York Minute immediately appealed to me because it involves my favourite combination of business and music. 

The heroine, Veronica or Vero, is an accountant who decides to break out of her boring life by putting on the persona of an outgoing fashion buyer and having a one-night stand with Diego, a gorgeous guy she meets at a wedding.  When she bumps into Diego again at a speed dating event she’s dragged to by a more outgoing friend, their brief flame is rekindled and the one-night stand rapidly starts turning into a real relationship. 

Diego is a fabulously hot hero, with a successful – and fascinating - career as a musician and a deep devotion to his family.  As Vero learns more about Diego’s apparently perfect life, she feels less and less able to tell him the truth about her career, but of course the secrets she is keeping soon become a threat to their relationship.  Not only that, but it turns out that she’s not the only one keeping secrets, and we’re left wondering what he’s keeping from her, and what will happen when they both find out the truth. 

There were plenty of questions to keep me turning pages; the characters were convincing; and I thoroughly enjoyed the New York setting.  Occasionally things seemed to move a bit too fast between Vero and Diego, but that might just be me, because I’m not a city girl, and as the title suggests, this is a book set at the speed of city life!

I also wanted to shake Vero occasionally for not realising that Diego wanted the real her, not some fantasy figure she’d concocted.  But if she had, there wouldn’t have been much of a story, so it’s probably a good thing that Vero’s perfectionist mother made her feel that her real self was inadequate, so that she could appreciate Diego turning up to show her otherwise!

Altogether this was a sweet and sensual read and a fun story, beautifully told.   


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