Sneak Peek Sunday: Cameron

Following on from the last few Sundays, here's another snippet from the futuristic dystopian world of Love by the Book.  This novella was my NaNoWriMo effort from a few years back, and as I still love it, I'm finally getting around to polishing it up. Last week I introduced the heroine, Susan.  This week, we get our first glimpse of the hero, Cameron.

Finally Susan opened her mouth to let out the admission she’d always known she’d have to make: she didn’t know what was happening, or where the Elders were.  But before she could answer, the doors from the courtyard opened and Mother led the usual train into the dining room: first the other Parents, then the Aunts and Uncles, and finally the Managers, until all the Elders were in place.  
But where the procession would normally have stopped, there was a new face.  
As the young man paused at the door, the chatter, which had already begun to subside, fell silent. 
Susan stared at his vivid blue eyes and sweeping blond fringe and his solid frame and sturdy hands.  He was as different from the tall, swarthy Jack as Susan could imagine, and when he followed the Elders to the table, his walk was swift and assured.  
Susan forgot to stop staring as the chatter around her resumed.  All her thoughts were on the young man, the first stranger any of them had seen in… who knew how long? 
Where had he come from?

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