A Whistlestop Tour of my Favourite Romances

Yesterday I was at Doncaster Central Library with the Doncaster Writers' Group as part of the 'Turn the Page' festival, about which I'm sure you'll hear more as it continues for another week.  We were asked to introduce ourselves and the genres we wrote, which prompted me to put together this quick list of my favourite romance authors and books for anyone who wanted to know more.  It's hugely personal and idiosyncratic, but if you read romance, do have a look and see if you've missed any treasures, and I'd love to hear if you agree or disagree with my choices.  You can use the comment space below, or comment privately through the 'contact me' page of my website. 
Louise Bagshawe – I love ‘The Movie’ and ‘Tall Poppies’ – contemporary chick-lit from another Oxford-educated author.  I’m also a fan of some of her later books, ‘Passion’ and ‘Desire’, which are more romantic suspense.  I've mentioned 'The Movie' in a previous post as the book I most often recommend. 

Liz Fielding – all her books are a delight, but I especially like the ‘Wild Brides’ series, which features a group of theatrical sisters - you can read my review here.  Another favourite is the early ‘City Girl in Training’ – the book which introduced me to Mills & Boon.    

VSOM_packshot copy2Jane Lovering – Jane is a Yorkshire lass, and won Romantic Novel of the Year last year with ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ – a fast, funny present-day love story about a hero and heroine who are both keeping their own secrets.  If you like something quirkier, read ‘Vampire State of Mind’, reviewed here. I was lucky enough to get to interview her, and you can read the entertaining result here.

Vonnie Davis – an American author who, like me, is published by the Wild Rose Press.  She writes everything from cowboy stories to contemporary, and I especially love ‘Those Violet Eyes’, which features a brilliantly wounded hero, and which I reviewed here. 

Julie Cohen – I loved Julie’s fun stories for Mills & Boon, like ‘Being a Bad Girl’ and ‘Delicious’ (which features a very sexy chef).  ‘Getting Away with It’ is a longer and more complicated story which puts a new spin on the old idea of identical twins, one good, one not-so-good! 

Anna Maxted – ‘Running in Heels’ is, for me, the ultimate light chick-lit story with a dark and serious heart.  As you read, you only gradually realise what’s really going on in the heroine’s life, so I won’t spoil the story for you by telling you.

Rachel Brimble – another Wild Rose Press author, now also published with Harlequin, Rachel writes everything from historicals to contemporary romantic suspense, and so far everything I’ve read of hers is fantastic.  My favourite is ‘The Arrival of Lily Curtis’, for the spirited heroine and the fabulous period setting. Rachel very kindly agreed to appear as part of my Writer Wednesday series, and you can read the interview here.

Cecilia Aherne – ‘PS I Love You’ was filmed with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank, but the book is even better!

So that's my starter for ten (or eight, to be exact)!  What's yours?


  1. Why, thank you, Stephanie, for including me on your list! I am stunned to be in such august company, and may need to go for a little lie down...


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