Grammar Gripes

I think I've done a pretty good job of keeping my pet peeves out of my blog.  I rarely, if ever, castigate authors for the occasional grammatical slip, especially as I know that when typing in a hurry, I can write some pretty bizarre things.  Nonetheless, anyone who knows me well will testify that I can often be found seething at some of the incorrect words and phrases I find in published books and periodicals.  That's why I'm always pleased to find someone flying the flag for correct grammar, and I especially love this short piece by Live, Write, Thrive author C S Lakin on the difference between 'lie' and 'lay':

Now if we could just follow it up with one on the difference between 'sitting' and 'sat', I could rest easy at nights.  Talking of which, it might be my turn to have a lie down...


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