Sneak Peek Sunday: Santa Claus is Coming...

A while ago I introduced you to the snowy setting of my Christmas story, with the working title of 'The Santa Next Door'.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

Now, I'm delighted to announce that Santa Claus really will be coming... to an electronic device near you.  I've just signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for this short Santa story to be published as an e-book, hopefully in time for Christmas 2013.  So this seems like a good time to let my lovely heroine, Sue, and hero, Bryn, introduce themselves, to each other and to you... 

  “You said don't go in strange people's houses.”
  Sue winced.  Apparently Trudi had inherited Sue's love of rules.  But why did she always have to trot them out at the most embarrassing moment?
  Before Sue could find an answer, and definitely before her blush had faded, he had already supplied an answer: “Your Mum is quite right, usually.  But you see, I'm not a stranger, I'm a neighbour.  My name is Bryn Thomas.”  He seemed to be speaking directly to Trudi, but Sue had a sense that he was waiting more for her own reaction.
  “Hello Bryn,” she obliged, trying to recall why the name had the ring of familiarity about it.  She was sure none of their other neighbours had mentioned him, and yet she was certain she’d encountered it somewhere before.  Oh well, like most missing things, the connection would come to light quicker if she stopped searching for it.  And there was no way she was going to come out with the hackneyed, ‘haven’t we met somewhere before?’  Better just to get on with the introductions.  “I'm Sue.”
  “And I'm Trudi.” 
  Sue hadn't been sure whether to give her daughter's name away, but she should have known that Trudi's innate friendliness wouldn't let her hold back for long.

There.  Just six paragraphs, as required in the rules of Sneak Peek Sunday.  Hop along there now if you'd like to read more Sunday sneaks.
If you liked this excerpt, sadly, you’ll have to wait until nearer Christmas for the whole story.  In the meantime, you could take a look at ‘Perfect Partners’ or ‘Desperate Bid’, or try some of the books I recommended in my ‘12 days of Kindle’ series. 


  1. Oh, I love a Christmas story. Congrats on the sale!

  2. Thanks, Shelley! I love Christmas stories too, and I seem to have a habit of reading them out of season. I remember reading a Nora Roberts Christmas collection last summer, and I've just read Nell Dixon's 'A Cornish Christmas', which was very sweet.

  3. The Santa Next Door? Great title. Who doesn't want Santa handy?

  4. Thanks Carly. It's especially handy when you've got kids who make *really* tricky Christmas wishes...


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