Twelve days of kindle #11

On the eleventh day of Christmas, the kindle store brought to me... one of the cleverest and most intriguing romances of the year, with a huge dose of fantasy and fun.  Jane Lovering's 'Vampire State of Mind' is a witty take on the ever-popular vampire theme, based on the idea that if vampires truly did exist, they would surely attract just as much bureaucracy as every other health and safety risk known to man.

Jess knows all about that bureaucracy.  She's the vampire liaison officer for York City Council, and since vampires are now governed by a treaty controlling their behaviour and movements, she should be quite safe admiring her sexy vampire ex-colleague from a distance.  But when York is chosen as the venue for a mysterious gathering of Otherworlders, her safety seems threatened from all directions.  Jess suddenly finds herself playing a bigger role than she's ever been prepared for.  Is Sil everything he seems?   For that matter, is Jess?

York is the perfect setting for a lively (if that's the word) paranormal romance featuring office politics, family tensions, and at least one rooftop chase.  Unputdownable! 


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