Twelve days of kindle #10

This is a sad moment... the last Wild Rose Press book to appear in my twelve days of kindle list (unless, of course, I change my mind, see post #1).  Those Violet Eyes, by Vonnie Davis, is a brave and beautiful romance, which should probably appear on disability awareness reading lists everywhere, except that it's a disservice to this charming story to suggest that it's a worthwhile read only for the issue it tackles.  It's also a fabulous story in its own right.
Product DetailsThe heroine, Evie Caldwell, is an endearing character, trapped by her own sense of duty but keenly aware of the wider world.  But it's the hero, Win Fairchild, who really makes this book.  At first glance, Win is an undeniably attractive man: strong and largely silent, but always there when needed.  So it takes Evie a little while to discover where his vulnerability lies.  Win is a wounded war veteran (or vet, as the Americans confusingly say - to me, that would mean an animal doctor!).  Specifically, he's an amputee, with a dream of opening a ranch centre for amputee children. So although he's immediately attracted to Evie, he has other things on his mind than romance.   Fortunately for us, the author does not, and she brilliantly balances an exploration of Win's damaged past with his dawning realisation that Evie is just the person to fill the gaps in his life. 
Altogether this is a strong and thought-provoking story, with a sweet heroine, a hot hero, and plenty of sly humour.  If you've never read a Wild Rose Press book, what better place to start?  If you have, you'll know how much it means when I say that this is one of the best I've come across. 




  1. Thank you for your kind words about THOSE VIOLET EYES. Win and Evie were a fun couple to write. Their verbal sparring amd me laugh as I wrote it.

  2. Hi Vonnie. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you got to see how much I loved that book. I can imagine it was fun to write.


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