Twelve Days of Kindle #5

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Today's 'Twelve Days of Kindle' pick is another little gem from the Honky-Tonk Hearts series, 'Honky-Tonk Man.'  Unlike yesterday's pick this one isn't so much a honky-tonk music story; instead it follows the now-traditional form of a new-to-town guy falling for a girl who, it turns out, breaks all his 'rules'.  I really enjoyed Sylvie Kaye's way of challenging the hero to get past the safety barriers he's created for himself.  Jace Monroe firmly believes that 'rich girls are dangerous' - it's just too bad he's fallen for pretty, cheerful Sunny before he discovers who her father is.

This isn't just a cute cowboy story, it's also a great reminder that we shouldn't assume we know about people just because of their backgrounds or who their family are.  Sunny is very much her own woman, and makes sure Jace knows it.  And don't you love a heroine like that?

I enjoy a good romance, and a good moral, and this story has both, put across in an appealingly light-hearted way.  Despite this not being in any way a Christmas book, I can't help thinking there's something seasonally appropriate to that idea - but maybe I've just been reading too much of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul's Christmas Treasury'!


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